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Father Connolly has been diagnosed with melanoma.
He is seeing the best doctors at UPMC and is doing very well with his treatment. He is feeling fine so far, but, as a side effect of the treatment, his energy level may be reduced.
Well wishes are welcome, and please keep Father in your thoughts and prayers. We will give further updates as his treatment progresses.

Father Connolly is currently residing in Marian Manor and loves to have guests. He is usually there, you may reach him at 412.627.6854 to confirm that he will be there, or just give him a call to say hello.
If you would like to visit him, he is in
Marian Manor | 2695 Winchester Drive | Pittsburgh 15220
Building A | Room 222-2

Please send cards to his Marian Manor address.
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If so, you can set Amazon to make a donation to Se-Jong everytime you make a purchase. There is no cost to you, it is simply a way for Amazon to contribute to non-profit organizations like Se-Jong. Click on the link on the right to set up your Amazon account to give a donation to Se-Jong everytime you buy something on Amazon.
All donations to Se-Jong are tax deductible, (we are a 501(c)(3) corporation). If your gift is larger than $50 we send you a letter of proof of donation that you may include in your tax return.

Even though we still incur expenses, Se-Jong takes pride in being an educational system with no fees. Commercial TKD schools charge $30-80 a month per student for their classes, most with an additional fee for testing for belt advancement. The sales of uniforms and donations from specific people (thank you!) are our primary source of income, but these numbers are starting to decline, and it is becoming difficult to cover our costs.

One of the largest costs is the annual property tax on the Camp land. Our annual week long summer camp is our greatest event. All are invited, and it is valued by all those who participate. There is a tremendous amount of instruction, learning, socialization, hard work, and fun. There is no charge to attend the classes, instructors volunteer their time teaching, and meals and food are provided at no cost. Throughout the summer at camp, we also hold seminars, Black Belt classes and special events, all for which there are no fees. Father Connolly retired as an active Priest a few years ago and now lives in a house on the camp property as well. So, while Se-Jong is free, we do have upkeep, repair costs, and annual property taxes. We have always been reluctant (resistant) to charging students, but these costs must be paid for, somehow. When broken down, there is a simple resolution to our taxes and expenses. If every class raised or donated only $300 a year we would have no financial concerns. Broken down further, that's $25 per month per class, or $6.25 per week per class (NOT per student). If we were to get more than $6.25 per week, per class, we could for example, easily pay for a replacement pool without asking for separate funds to do so.

Please consider talking to your fellow students and instructors about this so that we may continue along our track of great instruction and education.
Sunday Seminars: First and Third Sunday of the Month: 2:30-5:00 PM
All belt ranks are welcome.
Seminars are held at Master Ameris' school in New Kensington.
(Master Ameris' school: A $5 donation is requested for use of his school. Click here for directions.)
All belt ranks are welcome, and encouraged to attend.

We are in need of seminar instructors, please let Mr. Ross know if you would like to present a seminar.
Mr. Dragon with Guest Instructor, Kyumei Ju Jitsu Appalachian Regional Director Shihan Jason Davis from Fairmont, West Virginia at a recent seminar.
Thirty attendees were treated to the class on Kyumei Ju Jitsu from Chief Instructor Shihan Davis.

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Black Belt Classes, Third Sunday of the Month: 2:30-5:00 PM
Until further notice, Black Belt Classes will be Seminars, open to all students.
See above.

Seminars are held at Master Ameris' school in New Kensington.
(Master Ameris' school: A $5 donation is requested for use of his school. Click here for directions.)
All Candidates and Black Belts are welcome, and encouraged to attend.
Mr. Gemeinhart's class at St. Norbert Church in Overbrook
Saints Norbert school is closed and classes are now held at Saint Anne Church in Castle Shannon. See Schools page for details.

Article by Master Miskech in the Training section,
Crossing the Midline: Martial Arts Training at Its Best!
In PDF format, to read, download and print.

Upcoming Events

  • TESTS:
  • Mon, Dec 16, 7:00 PM
  • Brookline Recreation Center Gym
    Mr. Scarpari
See Schools list for details and directions.

Max Gearhard executes a jump side kick at Mr. Horneman's class test.