In order to become more complete martial artists, Se-Jong members need to become more familiar with the principles and the experience of sparring. Therefore, the seminars will concentrate on the art of fighting, not from the sense of competition (although it won’t hurt competition) but from the aspect of survival. For the sake of scheduling we have assigned various basic concepts to given months. The reality is that learning to fight is not possible to do in a “clean” way. Things will be learned in a “natural” flow, however, the given months will put emphasis on the topics listed.

We will start with the very basic principles and gradually build upon those basics to slightly more sophisticated skills. The seminars will build on one another, and will require students to practice between seminars the material learned. It is the responsibility of the Instructors to familiarize themselves enough with the seminars to be able to help their students.

For some of the advanced students this will act as a review, but it will help to put everyone on the same page. As it is never too early to learn basics, any Se-Jong member who is 14 or older (or with their Instructor's permission if younger) may participate in the Seminars. Any actual sparring will be limited to the appropriate level.