Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do

Black Belt 1st Degree Philosophies

My Path

I am born.
For me it is the beginning.

I am like new clay.
Ready to be molded, formed, shaped.
It has started.

I stumble.
I fall.
Someone is always there to pick me up.
I am learning.

I can feel the changes around me, within me,
       in the way I think, in the way I act.
I am growing.

I am able to draw from the strength of those around me.
With their encouragement they push me.
Push me beyond my frustrations, my self-doubts,
       my self-imposed limits.
I try to be as good as they are.
They are friends.

I have come a long way, with yet a long way to go.
I have come farther than I thought I could or would.
I have learned, yet there are many things left to learn.

It has been a long road.
A long road made short by those along the way.
By the training, the discipline, the self-control,
       the obedience, the hard work.

I am born.
For me, it is a beginning.