Fundamentals of a Training Program

1. WARM UP: (Approximately 5-10 minutes)

The warm up is an essential part of preparing the body for your workout. The purpose of this warmup is to increase body temperature, alter the major flow of blood to your muscles, reduce the risk of muscular injuries, increase cardiac output, increase heart rate and prepare the body for the workout.

2. STRETCH: (Approximately 3-5 minutes)

The initial stretch is another component of a workout that is often overlooked. Like the warmup, the initial stretch is very important for preparing the body for the workout, The purpose for the initial stretch is to increase the Range Of Motion (ROM), increase muscular elasticity and prevent muscular injuries.

3. STRENGTH TRAINING: (Approximately 30-40 minutes)

Strength training is not only for bodybuilders, it is a wonderful way to strengthen and firm various muscle groups. Strength training will increase muscular strength, tone muscles, increase lean body mass and increase the metabolism.

4. AEROBIC ACTIVITY: (Approximately 20-30 minutes)

Aerobic activity is accomplished through different activities, such as aerobics, walking, biking, swimming, jogging. Aerobic activity increases cardiovascular endurance, burns fat, decreases "bad" cholesterol (LDL's), increases "good" cholesterol (HDL's), decreases risk of adult onset diabetes, increases metabolism and increases lean body mass.

5. COOL DOWN/STRETCH: (Approximately 5-10 minutes)

After your workout, it is important to cool down and stretch, This is the best time to increase your flexibility, because your muscles are warmed up. When you stretch, it is important to hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds.

*Do not perform any bouncing or jarring movements. The cool down/stretch will increase your ROM (Range of Motion), increase muscular flexibility, decrease the risk of muscular injuries and improve removal of lactic acid from muscles and blood.

*It is most beneficial to work out at least three times a week.

*If you are just starting a workout program., it is advisable to consult a Fitness Trainer and to start slowly and gradually increase your time and intensity. It is better to start at YOUR OWN PACE....

*NOTE: People with heart problems, high blood pressure, lung problems, diabetes, a chronic illness, muscular or joint disorders or any other debilitating condition should consult a physician before starting an exercise program.

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