Interactive Training Partner

This is something you can set up and use anywhere.

Materials needed:

1. A low-hanging branch, limb, or piece of playground equipment,
2. A piece of rope or cord about 12 feet long,
3. Three racquetballs,
4. A 2 1/2 lb. weight,
5. A dog chain clip.

Directions to put it together:

Tie a few loops in the rope at various lengths to make the device adjustable for hanging on different objects. Tie the clip at a convenient point to grab the loops. I have the clip tied on at about 4 feet from one end and several loops tied 6" apart or so.

  • Punch holes through the racquetballs (or tennis balls). Pass the rope through the balls. I wrapped the balls with electrical tape to reinforce them. You might want to wrap them in brightly colored tape to help you lock in on them as targets. Make the holes small so that there will be good friction on the rope. Then you will be able to slide them up and down to make height adjustable targets.

  • Tie the weight at the bottom to provide stability. I use a 2 1/2 lb. weight. This works pretty well, but you may wish to try a heavier weight to keep the rope from flying around too much.

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