Interactive Training Partner

Once you get the focus balls hanging, here are some drills you can try.
After I stretch out, I do some quick warm-ups on the focus balls. I start by assuming a fighting stance. For each drill, I do one set with the left side out and then one set with the right side out. When using the focus balls as a warm up, my main concern is accuracy and speed. I don't worry too much about how hard I hit the target, I just try to land each technique on the target as rapidly as I can 10 times. I only count the techniques that land. You may find that this training partner gets pretty evasive. The harder and faster you strike it, the more it swings and the harder it gets to hit.

Start with the following, alternate so that you lead with both sides, and count off 10 solid hits to complete a set before switching.
1. Straight Punch
2. Straight Punch / Reverse Punch
3. Straight / Straight / Reverse Punch;
4. Straight / Reverse / Hook / Hook / Uppercut / Uppercut

  • You can really try every combination that you can think of, but this will get you started. I think that you will find focus ball drills help your accuracy, your timing, and your rhythm.

    I also practice kicks and kicking combinations this way, but do so with caution. Snapping kicks and side kicks are not too dangerous, but this training partner is crafty and has a knack for wrapping and trapping your leg on turning kicks and spinning kicks.

  • Another thing you can try as a variation is to swing the weight like a pendulum. Stand at the point where the weight would swing back and bang you in the chest if you let it. Then visualize it as an arm reaching out to grab or strike you. Practice your soft techniques imagining the weight as someone's hand and the rope as the arm.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER!!! Please note that these techniques should only be practiced at one's own risk. Neither anyone involved in the preparation or distribution of this material nor Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do takes any responsibility for the misuse or misapplication of these techniques.