Principles of Training

It is essential to be aware of what are the limits within which you practice. Injuries in the dojang most often occur when the student fails to pay attention to their instructor, or neglects the principles of their limits. Everything has a limit.

Another aspect of concentration is related to the power of Ki training. Ki training is a state of consciousness that may be characterized as meditation, and heightened receptivity to learning. “With a calm mind, one is free from hesitation.” Nothing can be learned without patience.

Perfection of techniques requires deeply ingrained habits, and a mental attitude of thoroughness. The perfection of techniques requires that they become second nature and reflexive. Perfection in the martial arts is like a jewel. It is merely a rough stone until it is polished. If not polished, no one will know its inner beauty. Training is the same.


Every technique requires speed. There are counter-defenses to all known offenses. Therefore, techniques must be done with greatest speed and efficiency.

Conservation Of Energy

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the martial arts is to master how to conserve energy and to relax in stressful situations. Ki cannot be released if the body is stricken with inner tension or fear. Tension is also the greatest consumer of energy; even when the body is not in motion one can exhaust oneself simply by being tense. When you are calm, you are free from hesitation, and when you exhale, the Ki sinks down to the Dan Jun. These are essential elements in the conservation of energy.

Respect And Obedience

One of the most essential tests of character is whether the student is humble enough to subordinate his own personal ego to the rules of the dojang and respect the gravity of his new powers. The martial arts are not a store-bought item that you are entitled to just because you pay for the lessons. The burden is too great, the reflection larger than the individual.

Reprinted with permission of Mr. Philip Ameris, Technical Director, A.I.M.A.A.