Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do

Black Belt 1st Degree Philosophies

A, B, C.

About four years ago, I went down into the basement of a church. Like upstairs, this was a place of learning about your mind, your body, and yourself. There they gave us a book that we could not read. Then they showed us the basics, A, B, C, … and told us that if we practice, someday we would be able to read the book.

Years went by, and we practiced our A, B, C, … and learned to put these letters into different COMBINATIONS called words, and to take these words and put them into different PATTERNS called sentences. We also learned about other things such as circles and straight lines, but we always came back to the basics, our A, B, C, …

A little over four years went by and many people have left the class. The day finally came when those remaining were told we could open our books to read them. I opened my book and read the first page,  “A, B, C, …”